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Button Mushroom: A Magical Mix Of Vegetable And Nutrition

Posted by Admin on September, 10, 2021

Button mushrooms are also termed common mushrooms. These food products bear a round shape, a smooth texture and feature an ivory colour. The button mushrooms are available in different sizes, ranging from the size of a fingernail to more than 3 inches in diameter. These mushrooms do not have any soft spots but smooth caps. The button mushrooms contain a large quantity of moisture.

Manufacturer and Supplier

There are a number of companies that manufactures and distributes fresh button mushrooms. The fresh button mushroom suppliers in India distributes these products in various packaging options at highly competitive rates. These mushrooms are highly demanded by consumers for their nice and elegant taste and prominent nutritional value. They claim that the mushrooms are freshly packed in such a way that it retains their freshness for a longer period of time.

The manufacturing companies claim to produce fresh button mushrooms which are hygienically processed, retains great taste and freshness. These mushrooms are grown using techniques of natural agriculture. These mushrooms are cultivated under the management and supervision of house teams who ensures following the best agricultural practices and farm conditions in every step of harvesting.

How Mushrooms are Treated
The button mushrooms are the most delicate variety out of all others that are sold in the market. These mushrooms taste best when it is cooked mixing with other mushrooms of earthy flavour, for example, crimini, portobellos, shiitake, chanterelles etc. The button mushrooms can be consumed raw or cooked. The end of the mushroom stem is trimmed off before cooking.

Most chefs recommend mushrooms should not be rinsed for long or kept soaked, as they might absorb a lot of water. After washing it should be pat dry. Again many people do not wash this vegetable and therefore uses a damp paper towel to wipe and clean the mushroom caps. Both the cap and stem of button mushrooms are edible.

These vegetables should be stored in the fridge wrapped in a damp cloth. It is generally recommended by the wholesale fresh button mushroom suppliers in India to consume mushrooms within 3 days of plucking.

Nutrition Content of Button Mushrooms

The fresh button mushrooms see loaded with the following elements:

• Protein: The button mushrooms consist of a high amount of protein. Hence the mushrooms are beneficial for vegetarians who are planning to increase the protein content food in the diet.

• Fibre: The button mushrooms also consist of fibres. The presence of fibre in mushrooms lowers the cholesterol level present in them. The fibre also helps in digestion.

• Other essential Vitamin B and Niacin: Vitamin B is only found in animal tissues. Therefore for vegetarians mushrooms are treasures for the source of vitamin B.

• Copper: The copper present in the button mushrooms helps to build the red blood cell and also effective absorption of oxygen.

• Potassium: This nutrient content in button mushrooms helps to control the blood pressure level and enables the smooth functioning of the cells.

• Selenium:
Selenium is a form of antioxidant which are present in fresh button mushrooms. This nutrient element is responsible for neutralising the free radicals and therefore prevents cell damage and chances of developing cancer or any other life-threatening disease of the same kind. The selenium content is highest in mushrooms than in any other vegetables.

There are few other nutrient components like phosphorus, zinc and magnesium which are present in this vegetable. Button mushroom contains a very low level of fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium.

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