Latest Products Latest Products Sun, 01 Aug 2021 12:02:14 +0530 en-us Fresh Oyster Mushroom Mon, 04 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Are you looking for fresh oyster mushrooms? If yes, we at Giri Lal Prem Chand Jain and Sons are here to deliver the best quality fresh oyster mushroom. Organically grown, our products can be consumed just similar to the normal mushrooms available in the market. As renowned, fresh oyster mushroom Manufacturers claim that you can use them in preparing normal Indian Sabzi and other oriental dishes. Just try out stir-fried vegetables, noodles, and soups by added tasty mushrooms. If you are suffering from cholesterol, it cuts down its levels and healthy for human health. Fresh Oyster Mushroom Supplier in India offers a wide range started from gray to soft brown. Health benefits: If you choose to eat one cup of sliced oyster mushrooms, it contains about 28 calories and fat about 1 gram, however, delivers 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. Fresh Oyster Mushroom Exporters are exporting the fresh and best quality Oyster Mushroom at the best price. Storage There is no fixed time to use our oyster mushrooms. If stored in the refrigerator, they’ll stay fresh for a week. A paper bag is required to pack up. Fresh Oyster Mushroom Manufacturers in India offers shrink-wrapped package. Now, you can place your order online. Fresh Button Mushroom Mon, 04 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Giri Lal Prem Chand Jain and Sons are renowned Fresh Button Mushroom Manufacturers in India. Our freshly packed mushroom contains vitamin B and works as a commanding antioxidant known as selenium. Our products work as a great energy boost and prevent the cells and tissues from getting damaged. Moreover, our Fresh Button Mushroom is a good source of vitamin D. Fresh Products Our team of manufactures makes use of natural agricultural techniques to make for the best quality. Great taste, hygienically processed, and freshness are some of the main characteristics of our products. As a renowned Fresh Button Mushroom Manufacturers, we accept bulk and small orders at the best market prices. Fresh button mushrooms are grown under the management of–house team to make the best farm conditions and agri- practices are used all through the harvesting and growing cycles. With the support of our customized packaging system, our skilled personnel is capable to answer the standard and customized packaging needs of the clients. Fresh Button Mushroom Exporters from India is also exporting the product to different countries of the world and assures for the give best of the taste. Contact our team to find out information and placing your order.